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when walking on clouds, watch for potholes

it's a long way down

b a m m a g e
21 July
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80's music, acoustic guitar, andrew vachss, angelina jolie, australia, barenaked ladies, baseball, beastie boys, beavis, beavis and butthead, beer, black & white photography, bnl, body art, body modification, body mods, bondage, boxers, breasts, brindle boxers, broadway, burlesque, butthead, captain morgan, cartoons, cash money, central jersey, cheech and chong, chronicles of narnia, classic rock, comedy, computers, corsets, cosa nostra, danzig, dogs, dreadlocks, drinking, dvds, electricity, family, fantasy, fat boy slim, fawn boxers, fetish, foo fighters, food, football, frank sinatra, freak, freaks, friends, fun, geeks, gregorian chant, guinness, halloween, hard rock, hardcore, heavy metal, hightstown, history, hockey, hookers, howard stern, industrial, internet, irc, iron maiden, jersey, kevin smith, led zeppelin, lesbians, lewis black, limp bizkit, linkin park, local bands, lust, lynyrd skynyrd, mafia, marshmallow fluff, mc escher, metallica, misfits, mlb, monty python, movies, mp3, muppets, music, new jersey, new jersey devils, new york, new york city, new york giants, new york jets, new york rangers, new york yankees, nfl, nhl, nipples, nj, north jersey, nyc, pasta, photography, pierced nipples, piercing, piercings, pimps, pink, pink floyd, pizza, porn, punk, punk rock, punks, quotes, rain, reading, rock and roll, salvador dali, santeria, sex, sex pistols, sid vicious, snow, south jersey, spongebob square pants, star wars, superheroes, supervillains, tattoo, tattoos, teaching, technology, the godfather, the radio chick, the simpsons, the who, theater, toys, travel, tribal tattoos, vicodin, vodka, william burroughs, women, your mom